Friday, October 1, 2010

I have been having so much fun practicing this week, classes and privates have each been wonderful and special in their own way. It has been lovely to work on the good wood floors in our parlor and I think the space is comfortable for as many as 8 yogis to move freely. It doesn't seem to make sense to rent a space at this juncture, I remember one of my teachers, Gurmukh, speaking very highly of the comforts of a home studio and I understand why. The project of sharing yoga in our community this past year has been profoundly positive and rewarding.

I'm excited to embrace teaching at Trinity Cooperative Day School later this fall. I love working with little Yogis, in fact my favorite students are still in their mamas wombs in prenatal classes. Prenatal yoga is my true love and I'd like very much to get a group going, so if you know any expectant mothers who would benefit from some conscious prenatal classes, send them my way. What can be learned in the womb can never be learned on earth. Studies are showing how profound the impact of gestation is on the well being of the child even many years later.